RapidCode – Electronic design using words

Technolution introduces RapidCode: a new programming language as a substitute for drawing schematics. RapidCode makes electronic design faster and clearer, so the quality of your design increases.

Faster and clearer

Boards are becoming more complex, which makes schematics often confusing. Moreover schematics don't contain background information, such as the justification for component selection. RapidCode brings back the overview and background information into the design. It describes what components are needed to implement a function and how those components are connected to each other. Instead of drawing 64 lines, write ‘connect databus X to databus Y’. You give characteristics to the components.

The RapidCode-compiler

The compiler reads the RapidCode and checks the RapidCode on syntactic and semantic errors. Hereafter the compiler performs the - in RapidCode written - calculations and reports the results. Once the compiler has created a model of the entire circuit, the automatic checks will be performed. As a final step it generates the input for a PCB layout and a corresponding bill of materials (BOM). In addition, the compiler can easily be connected to existing layout software such as Altium Designer.

Benefits of software development process

The development process with RapidCode is very similar to the software development process. This provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Automatic controls
  • Version control
  • Re-use of IP
  • Documenting details

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