Altium Designer

We live in challenging times. Electronical products are becoming Smarter, faster, smaller, more reliable and last but not least, cheaper. As a result of this the designs are becoming more and more complex. The way clectronical products are developped will change drastically in the future and Altium Designer monitores these changes constantly.

Altium Designer is the first complete design environment that offers all technologies and opportunities to facilitate in the development of a complete electronical product. Altium Designer brings the devel;opment of PCB, FPGA, SoPC (system-on-programmable chip), Embedded Software en CAM output in one uniform development environment.

The Altium Designer environment contains:

  • Schematic capture
  • PCB layout
  • Library management
  • Version control
  • Project management
  • High Speed design
  • Documentation
  • Spice simulation
  • Vendor independent FPGA design
  • CAM output (including panelisation)
  • 3D verification and design rule checking (interference checks)
  • Complete environment (no options/add-ons)
  • ActiveRoute
  • Back Drilling
  • Project Releaser
  • Parameters in PCB Footprints
  • Smart Copper Editing
  • Selection and Display improvements
  • Dynamic Cross-Probing and Cross-Selecting
  • New Pick and Place Generator
  • Mixed Simulation enhancements

Altium Designer offers an excellent product/price ratio.

Altium Designer fits in every workenvironment

  • Engineers 
  • Design Teams
  • Organisations
  • ‚ÄčEducation and Students

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