Simplified Solutions

Mechanical Engineers (MCAD) and electrical engineers (ECAD) can design smaller, sleeker products with fewer errors when working with detailed 3D PCB information. Our 3D PCB Component Libraries, online tools, and 3D PCB Component and Board Build Services makes it easy and fast to generate 100% geometrically accurate 3D circuit boards!

Library components are available in the following formats:

- Pro/Engineer
- IDF EMN Formats.

Click here for a current list of available 3D library components.

Altium Designer users can download and import our STEP Library Components into their designs to create 3D PCBs. These 3D boards can be exported from Altium Designer via STEP. Mechanical and Electronic Engineers can now view and verify with accurate 3D PCBs in MCAD and ECAD.

Our 3D IGES and STEP Library Parts also import into MCAD Packages such as Solidworks, Circuitworks, Catia, and Inventor.

For more information we like you to forward to the Simplified Solution inc. website.