Introduction to the Platform Designer System Integration Tool (Qsys)
12 Oct 2023

Introduction to the Platform Designer System Integration Tool (Qsys)

This class will teach you how to quickly build designs for Intel® FPGA devices using the Platform Designer system-level integration tool (formerly known as Qsys), part of the Intel Quartus® Prime software. You will become proficient with using Platform Designer and learn how to quickly integrate “off-the-shelf” IP and custom logic into a system. Platform Designer makes design reuse easy through the use of standard interfaces, so you will learn about the interfaces supported by the tool: Avalon® Memory Mapped and Streaming as well as an introduction to the Arm* AMBA* AXI interface standard. The class provides a significant hands-on component, where you will gain exposure to tool usage as well as system and custom HDL component design.

At Course Completion  you will be able to:

  •  Build digital systems in the Platform Designer tool.
  •  Integrate the files generated by Platform Designer into the Intel Quartus Prime software design flow.
  •  Create custom components with Avalon-MM and Avalon-ST interfaces and integrate them into your system.

Skills Required

  •  Background in digital logic design
  •  Working knowledge of the Intel Quartus Prime software.
  •  Knowledge of HDL coding methodology (helpful but not mandatory).


We recommend completing the following courses:

  • The Intel® Quartus® Prime Software: Foundation.
  • The Quartus Prime Software: Foundation (Standard Edition) (Online Training).
  • Using the Quartus Prime Software: An Introduction.

Follow-on Courses

Upon completing this course, we recommend the following courses (in no particular order):

  • Quartus Prime Software: Foundation
  • Designing with an ARM®-based SoC
  • Designing with the NIOS II Processor

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