Stackup Planner: Industry-Leading Accuracy

  • 2D Field Solver (BEM) precision
  • Characteristic impedance (Zo) for Microstrip traces, Embedded Microstrip (with soldermask coating), Symmetric Striplines, and Asymmetric Striplines
  • Differential Impedance (Zdiff) for edge coupling on the same signal layer, and broadside coupling, on an adjacent signal layer
  • Trace Current calculation
  • User Defined Dielectric Materials Library with hyperlinks to web sites and Datasheets
  • 8 Default stackup configurations

Altium Designer Stackup Planner interface supports Altium Designer. The Altium Designer Stackup Planner interface can be used to import the ICD Stackup Planner substrate directly into Altium Designer. Also the stackup can be modified in Altium Designer and exported back to the ICD Stackup Planner.

ICD Power Distribution Network (PDN) Planner

The ICD PDN Planner has the ability to analyse an unlimited number of power supply configurations simultaneously. A typical high speed multilayer PCB has five of six individual power supplies that all serve a different purpose and must be regulated to maintain power integrity during high current switching up to the maximum frequency.

The user may add an unlimited number of bulk bypass and decoupling capacitors. Instantly analyse the Voltage Regulator Module, PCB Substrate - include plane resonance, bulk bypass and decoupling capacitors simultaneously to solve parameters for the desired effective impedance of the Power Distribution Network.

A comprehensive Capacitor Library with over 700 readily available SMD capacitors is included listing Value, ESR, ESL, Voltage, Tolerance, Dielectric Material and SMD Package Type ready for insertion into the ICD PDN Planner.

For more infomation please look at the ICD website.